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Cable TV Service

Basic Cable $68.28 /month
Bronze Digital Cable $78.28 /month
Silver Digital Cable $96.78 /month
Gold Digital Cable $107.78 /month

Cable Internet Service

Bronze Internet Service 2Mbps $39.95 /month
Silver Internet Service 3Mbps $44.95 /month
Gold Internet Service 4Mbps $49.95 /month

Add VOIP Phone Service for $29.95/month
Includes Unlimited Long Distance,
Caller Id, and Call Waiting

NOTE: Power Outages will disrupt service.

All-In-One Bundles
(Cable, Internet, Phone)

Bronze Bundle (Includes Basic Cable, Bronze Internet Service, and VOIP Phone Service) $129.95 /month
Silver Bundle (Includes Basic Cable, Silver Internet Service, and VOIP Phone Service) $134.95 /month
Gold Bundle (Includes Basic Cable, Gold Internet Service, and VOIP Phone Service) $139.95 /month

Prices include all taxes and franchise fees

Cable Channels

Bronze Basic, Digital and Music channels     
Silver Basic, Digital, Music and choice of 1 Movie channel package     
Gold All Channels     
Basic Channels
Digital Channels
Music Channels